Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Farmville Addiction: Is Farmville Rotting Your Brain?

Is your Farmville Addiction causing you to loose brain cells?  The answer is most definitely yes!  Farmville, like many other on-line games can suck you in for months and possibly years at a time.  So much of your free time is tied up in this mindless activity, and when it comes to brain cells, if you don't use them, you loose them.  Likewise, it has been proven that the pursuit of knowledge exercises the brain by keeping it active and therefor keeping the brain sharp.  The sad fact is that even though we may understand this, many Farmville addicts may still opt for playing rather than reading. 

However, the good news that I wish to share is that you can start loading your dormant brain cells with knowledge without quitting.  I'm not talking about turning you into a genius, but you can most certainly increase your IQ while playing.  In fact, you can learn about any subject of your choosing or even get a graduate degree, as I am doing, all while feeding your Farmville Addiction.  You might be wondering how this is possible.  Well here is the answer:

Playing Farmville is for the most part a brainless activity.  We do a lot of clicking such as collecting rewards or gift requests, decorating, moving trees this way, moving animals that way.  Unless we are interacting with our FV neighbors, playing Farmville requires very little concentration.  Given this fact, this means our brains are free to receive input during the hours and hours that we are glued to our computer.    I have listed several methods below that you can use in order to start feeding your brain knowledge while you play Farmville

1.     Load Free Audio Books to your iPod and listen to whatever subjects you would like to learn about while you play.  A great source of free audio books is  If you wish to listen to novels or more current literature, check out

2.     Buy books or a newspaper subscription on your Kindle and turn on Text-to-Speech.  Your Kindle will read the book to you while you tend your farms. For more information on Kindle e-book readers, visit and type in Kindle.

3.     Download Free e-books and turn on the speech function on your computer.  Go to for thousands of free e-books with many topics, and in many formats.  Note: Depending on your computer the speech function on your computer may interfere with your game.

Among these three options, my personal favorite is using the Kindle text-to-speech function.  The reason, I prefer this is because I am able to buy my textbooks for my graduate courses and listen to them while I breed sheep and harvest my orchards.  In fact, I finish all of my required reading ahead of time and can load articles off the Internet onto my Kindle and keep listening.  I have time to read all of the supplemental materials as well as things I want to read that are not related to my coursework.  

So, can Farmville Addiction make you smarter?  Most Definitely.  However, most of the time it is just rotting our brains.  I call upon all Farmville Addicts to stop wasting brain cells and start pumping them up.  Listen to history, science, current events… or whatever topic interests you the most.  I guarantee you will feel better about all of the hours and hours you dump down the toilet while playing the game you most definitely adore and cannot do without. 

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