Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Farmville Orchard Tips: Get 100% New Trees from Seedlings

For those of you who enjoy growing trees in Farmville, getting the most recently released trees from your seedling is likely your number one goal.  Some players may have noticed that Farmville recently changed the orchard settings and made it much more difficult to produce the desired seedlings or to get seedlings at all.  I know I am not the only one frustrated by this change.  Despite my frustration, I’ve learned how to work around the changes and still get optimal results. 
If you wish to see your seedling production grow and get more new trees from your seedlings, you need only to follow the five steps below:

Steps for Optimal Seedling Production:

1).  Build, Build, Build as many orchards as possible.  The more orchards you have on your farm, the more chances you have to harvest seedlings for your desired tree.  Twenty or more orchards will give you plenty of tries to produce a handful of good seedlings.

2).  Have at least two of the desired tree you wish to produce.  Having three or four of the new tree will increase your chances, but two is enough for a slower start.

3). Insure that there is only one tree in each of your orchards.  It is best that the tree you place in your orchard be the newest type of tree possible since Farmville is more likely to give you a seedling for the older tree over the newer one even if you have more of the newer tree in your orchard.

4).  When your orchards are ready, place your two new trees in an orchard that only has one tree in it.  Harvest.  If you get only water, remove one new tree from the orchard you just harvested, and place in the next orchard.  Harvest.  If you get nothing again, move both new trees into the next ready orchard and harvest.  The reason you follow this pattern is because you have a better chance of getting a seedling if you alternate the number of trees that you harvest in your orchards.  A word of caution: when harvesting with only two new trees, you will most likely get a seedling that will turn into the older tree if the seedling comes from an orchard that only has two trees in it.  Following the same process, but using more than two trees will eliminate this problem.

5). Once you get a seedling, stop harvesting your orchards and water the seedling.  It may be possible that the seedling holds the tree you wish to produce.  If your seedling is good and produces the tree you want, use this new tree in order to get better results from the remainder of your orchards.

Using these five steps will increase your production of new tree seedlings.  However, if you still get into a rut and get nothing but water, try harvesting a full orchard from time to time. This seems to help as well.  If this seems like a lot of work, once you have produced a number of your desired tree, place the new trees in your orchards in an alternating order.  For example: two trees, one tree, two trees...  The next time you harvest, just click to harvest and you will have similar results.  Additionally, you can keep adding trees to these orchards for better results.  However, I like to keep one tree in the majority of my orchards so they will be ready to produce seedlings for the next new tree that comes out. :)

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